Hairdressing & Barber scissor sharpening

All makes and types of scissors sharpened, for the Hairdressing profession and Barbers.

We offer a mobile service to your salon within our region. An in house service for you to bring your scissors in, by appointment. A mailing service to the UK and EU.

Scissor types: Bevelled and convex salon scissors: Traditionally scissors were all bevelled (defined edge with an angle) some of these are very fine. A lot of scissors now have been developed to a point/rounded edge, originally developed in Japan, and designed to be extremely sharp. Some sharpeners do them in the traditional way by putting bevelled edges on these scissors, thus rendering them as not so affective. The convex scissor should be sharpened with a completely different technique, in which we use. They take a little longer, hence they are priced a little higher to sharpen and service. The insides of the blades are also attended to by hand, with attention paid to the concavity leading to the edge, called "the ride line".   

Testing: Your scissors will be balanced, tips checked for any sharp areas and corrected. Tested, lubricated and cleaned.

Accessories: These will be added to the website soon. If you require a new "stopper/bumper" or finger rest, please let us know.

Convex thinners

prices from £8


prices from £6.75


prices from £10

Premium convex

prices from £12

Small note about postage...

Postage is set per value of total price: Up to £6.99 order = £2.00 return delivery, £7.00 to £24.99 = £3.00, £25.00 to £34.99 = £4.00, £35.00 to £44.99 = £5.00, £45 to £79.99 = £6.00

£80 and over orders, qualifies for free return delivery.

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