Scissor sharpening

We sharpen all types of scissors/shears.

We can provide a quick turnaround for companies needing scissors returned urgently.

Providing services to Veterinarians, Tailors, Manufacturers, Machinists, Dressmakers, Modiste and Seamstress. We also sharpen domestic, kitchen and office scissors. Companies and private clients catered for.  

Services: Mailing within the UK and EU. In house - for customers to bring to us by appointment. Mobile service within our region, we can also provide further away services for larger quantities of work.

Our work: We test all the scissors and shears after sharpening to ensure they are working and cutting correctly. Balance, lubricate and clean. We guarantee our work.  

Surgical scissors

prices from £4.50

Material scissors

prices from £8

Pinking scissors/shears

prices from £8

Small Sewing, Embroidery, Fabric scissors

prices from £5.50

Tailors shears - up to 6 inch blade

prices from £10

Tailors shears - above 6 inch blade

prices from £11.50

Small note about postage...

Postage is set per value of total price: Up to £6.99 order = £2.00 return delivery, £7.00 to £24.99 = £3.00, £25.00 to £34.99 = £4.00, £35.00 to £44.99 = £5.00, £45 to £79.99 = £6.00


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